doom_sayer (doom_sayer) wrote in ukdeathmetal,

new In Pain Die material online! - UK Sludge/Death

All new In Pain Die is on the myspace page this time we have added 7 minute sludge opus "The Wrath and The Bleeding World" (additionally you can still check out "Scientific Slaughter")

Both songs that are currently on the myspace page come from all new album "Where My Allegiance Lies" (out in April/May). Before the release expect to see another batch of new songs to be added to the page so be sure to take part in the poll on the main page of our myspace (to pick what song is to be online next). Also we are planning some special competitions and give aways to promote the album so stay tuned if you like lots of free shit Wink

For those who havent heard IN PAIN DIE yet, our music is for fans of Crowbar, Six Feet Under, Junglerot, Illdisposed, Runemagick, and Obituary. Grooves, sludge, samples, and old school heaviness!
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